PayMate - A Secure Platform


Securing Every Transaction

Security is of utmost importance to us. We focus on making sure every transaction processed by PayMate is done so in the most secure way possible. Our security efforts go above and beyond the payment industry security standards and guidelines. We focus on security so that our partners and end users can transact with confidence.



PayMate is using CloudHPT platform with multilayer security. We follow best practices that are globally validated with payment industry security standards and guidelines.


User Authentication

PayMate uses state of the art methods to authenticate the users of its services, before processing any transaction. We ensure the transacting person is the rightful owner of the account.


Data Security

All data is stored using state of the art encryption, protected by firewalls. Access to any sensitive information is tightly controlled and logged. Any communication of data during a transaction is done using advanced encryption methodologies.


Risk and Fraud Monitoring

PayMate has the ability to detect and suspend suspicious transactions through our unique monitoring processes. We monitor for high-risk, fraudulent, and prohibited transactions. All flagged transactions are suspended till fraud verification and rules violation checks are conducted. We are dedicated to keep your money safe by securing every single transaction!


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