Payments Automation

Pay vendors and taxes before their due date using commercial credit cards

Supplier Management
Easy supplier on-boarding process
  • Seamless onboarding of all suppliers through bulk upload.
  • Automated E-KYC process.
  • Add supplier bank account details and eliminate the need of adding them every time payments are made.
Vendor Payments
Vendors, retailers and suppliers can be paid before the due date using commercial credit cards in bulk or adhoc
  • Eliminate the need for diving into cash reserves to pay vendors on time.
  • Use of commercial credit cards extends days payables outstanding.
  • Digitization of vendor payments reduce payment delays.
  • Eradicate the possibilities for human error.
  • Accelerate tedious and time-consuming cashflow management.
Send and schedule payment collection requests via email and whatsapp
  • Collect payments using payment links sent directly over email and WhatsApp.
  • Any business that receives this link can make payment using cards, or EFT.
  • Reminders can be scheduled, reducing the need for manual follow-up calls.
Approval Workflows
Custom approval workflow can be created and edited as required
  • Full control to create and edit an internal approval payment process.
  • Faster approval process.
  • Provides control on payouts made by the business.
  • Eliminates the risk of fraud.
Automated Reconciliations
Save time, efforts and resources with automated reconciliations through API integrations with ERPs or existing systems
  • Automated alignment of the payouts with accounting systems.
  • Clear visibility into cashflows, creating a transparent environment.
  • Eliminates calculation or tallying mistakes and provides accurate data for insights and audits.
Real-time reports
Real-time reports for every transaction help in instant reconciliation, fraud detection, and provide clear visibility into cashflows
  • Instant visibility into cashflows.
  • Easy fraud detection.
  • Provides detailed transaction history that is useful in strategic planning and audits.

Invoice Discounting Marketplace

An ‘Early Payment Program’ that helps large enterprises to deploy their surplus capital towards early vendor payments in exchange for a discount against each invoice

  • ERP integrations - For a seamless flow of invoices eligible for early discounted payments into invoice discounting module.
  • Real-time discount offer and negotiations - Buyers and suppliers can offer and negotiate discounts on each invoice in real-time.
  • Same day payment processing/authorization - Payment processed for the approved discounted invoice using commercial credit cards.


PayMate's Invoice Discounting engine uses Machine Learning to maximise the return on the deployed capital
Vendors receive early payments in a quick and convenient manner without any collateral or undergoing any underwriting process
Maintenance of DPO and DSP due to utilization of commercial credit cards
No disruption in existing processes or systems

Working Capital Optimization

Extend your day payables by using commercial card

  • Get the PayMate advantage by extending days payables outstanding (DPO) using corporate credit cards
  • Extended credit period
  • Shorter payment cycles for suppliers

Credit Engine

Automated evaluation and analysis of the payments processed through PayMate used to offer working capital credit

  • AI/ML driven - PayMate's credit engine uses artificial intelligence/machine learning models to analyze the credit worthiness of a business applicant.
  • Data analysis - Analysis of the cash flows and seasonality of a business, instead of relying on traditional credit models and ratios, thus enabling even credit-rate even SMEs.
  • High accuracy and security - Credit engine is fully automated with the ability to deliver analyses with high accuracy and faster turnaround times.


Cashflow based analysis for accurate and faster limits
Credit evaluation of even new-to-credit SMEs

PayMate was one of the first full-stack supply chain payments automation platforms in India for enterprises and their supply chain, as of Dec 2021. Full-stack is defined as a player who offers commercial credit cards as a payment instrument, GST, direct tax and utility payments, vendor payments (accounts payables), collections (accounts receivables), automated reconciliation, and invoice discounting (early payment discounting) and invoice financing.